What is this thing about?

What?! You don't know?

Ok... so imagine if you will a tiny little viking man with a mohawk. Do you have that image in your mind? Blond hair, penetrating blue eyes, not quite the beard of a mature man, short, no shorter... no, a bit short - perfect. Okay, hold that image. This is Thorin.

Now imagine a very handsome germanic man. Tall, salt-and-pepper hair, dark eyes that you could look in forever and feel warm and safe, tall - much taller than the little viking man. Handsome, did you get handsome? No not quite making you swoon, but close. Okay, that's the Gnome King.

So these two guys were talking; they do this a lot. The little viking was kicking a rock and pontificating about something that the tall handsome man was not really listening to so he interrupted the little viking. "You know what we should do? We should totally use this big field and woods to throw our own festival where we can showcase mead and all things viking."

"What?! Are you listening... fine, okay viking stuff in the field and mead, when will we make all that extra mead?!"

"We will make it, we just need bigger tanks... and we should make SPECIAL MEAD!"

"The hell you said we will do?

"Special mead, something they can only get here!"

"Clearly the air is too thin up where your stupid tall head is located."

"What? No, well maybe just lots of mead... we will have lots of mead, and maybe special mead later in the year if they come visit us and I will then have someone else to talk to."

"Mhmm... okay well, maybe. So, back to what I was saying. In the even that the world is taken over by huge chickens, do you think the fences are tall enough to keep them out?

So, we threw a party... it was our "Launch Party!" And we held this in February of 2019 - and we were surprised how many people came. And, they all told us they had a lot of fun, and we should do an actual festival. So...

December, during Yule, we celibate the random conversations of Thorin and the Gnome King by holding a two-weekend (maybe more next year) VIKING FESTIVAL!

History will of course paint a far more amazing story, and hopefully it includes Thorin and the Gnome King shooting a huge dragon out of the sky using wooden arrows while they defended their hoard of mead and cider. But, for now you know the truth.

I have been asked to tell the truth...

We love medieval and renaissance festivals. We have many friends who own shops, produce crafts, perform, and generally work at and make a good percentage of their livelihood at such festivals.

We saw a gap between the end of TRF and the beginning of SFF. These two fairs in many ways denote the beginning and end of the faire season across the country.

But this gap takes place during the holidays, and that's when people might need money, and handmade gifts, the most. So, we decided we wanted to celebrate the new meadery and provide an environment and opportunity for all our friends to come together, celebrate, have a festival with musicians, performers, craftspersons, vendors, our archery friends, food, and... we want to be able to wear layers. LAYERS! We live in Texas, we want to wear layers during a festival we don't have to leave the state to attend. Layers... Layers people.