About Us
The Texas Viking Festival and Skaldic Althing is a festival hosted by the Valkyrie Ranch, and sponsored by Thorin's Mead. We are located at 2008 FM 2104, Paige, Texas 78659. The festival is held once a year, and generally happens during Yule. (In December.)

Answers to frequently asked questions:

You ask questions, we post them and the answers on the Internet. How viking is that?!

Are you affiliated with Sherwood Faire? "Best friends forever" - Tiago Hoise

No. We are, however, great Great friends. The best of friends. No better friends have ever existed. Everyone Agrees.

Are you affiliated with Thorin's Mead?

In a fashion - YES! Valkyrie Ranch is the home of Thorin's Viking, who makes all the mead, cider, and various wines. On any given day you can find Thorin and I walking around talking about most any topic that is distracting us from doing actual work. One time - we were discussing the need of a new festival in Texas... and we hatched this crazy idea a few months later. Congrats! You are all attending the manifestation of our random dialogs!

Did the Norse wear horns on their helmets?

You will notice we did not say "vikings", because "viking" is a verb. No, they did not. But no one is going to stop you if you want to have a horny helmet.

Can we dress in garb for the festival?

We encourage it! Dress however you like; we basically just ask that you wear nothing less than you would at a public beach. But, you can be a Scandinavian, Norse, even one of those hard to understand Danes and we will love you for it. Show off your best garb... we are going to be dressed for the occasion, and we get very embarrassed if no one else dresses up too.